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Niche Market - A Horror Story
Friday, 01 Jan 2010 14:03

First #fridayflash of 2010! Hopefully first of 52!

I don't remember where the germ of this one came from, but it'd been rolling around in my head for a few weeks.

In The Beginning
Friday, 18 Dec 2009 14:00

I'm afraid this is another rerun. Err, Director's Cut. I had a fresh friday flash on the go, but I had a bit of a rabbit emergency yesterday (she's fine now, but had to spend the day in the hospital) so between the fretting and attending to her in the evening, I didn't get a chance to finish.

So! Once again you guys are getting a story I posted waaaaaay back in September of 2008. But it was already flash-sized and most of you won't have read it before.


Death Keeps An Appointment
Friday, 11 Dec 2009 21:50

Here's an example of a story that wouldn't exist without the #fridayflash gang. There've been a few really good stories with Death as a character in recent weeks, which got me thinking, " would *I* write Death?"

Here's the result. I'm not happy with it. I couldn't quite get it to work the way I wanted it to. I almost didn't post it, thinking it would be improve by me mulling it over more, but that didn't seem like the #fridayflash spirit.

Horrific Premiums
Friday, 04 Dec 2009 11:17

I am thinking that I need to start writing some more serious stories. Or at least less silly/ridiculous ones. I don't want to get branded as the class clown for Friday Flash :P Having said that, I think I know what I'm writing next week and silly is on the docket once again.

I also need to start writing earlier so I have time for edits and rewrites. I'm always giving you guys rough drafts that I barely remember to spellcheck...

RAM, Get It?
Friday, 27 Nov 2009 16:41

I really struggled with the ending for this one. But, here we are.

It's good to be back at Friday Flash after a few weeks off for nanowrimo :)

Updated, due to popular demand, with a note at the end with the punchline for the vampire joke!

Friday, 20 Nov 2009 21:00

I'm deep in the throes of NaNoWriMo at the moment and of course has been the focus of my writing lately. So, I've decided to post a re-run. Wait! Let's not call it a re-run, let's call it a "Director's Cut". I posted this one when I was working Fabulous F**king Fiction. It was originally posted back in September of 2008 ("B-List Material"). I don't feel toooo bad though, most of you Friday Flashers won't have seen it yet.

Uhh, I edited it and tried to trim it down, but it's still 1008 words, so a bit long by #fridayflash standards.

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