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crashRun021.tar.gz, 118 KB

Version 0.2.1 fixes a bug where crashRun was going a little crazy with CPU usage. Other changes include an examine command ('x') and a new item.

This version of crashRun requires you to have Python and PyGame already installed. Please see the setup instructions below.

Full release notes

A few comments

  • this software must be considered an early, incomplete version of the game. Bugs and crashes likely about and there is a paucity of items and monsters in the game.
  • the hacking/cyberspace features are mere placeholders. A redesigned and much more interesting cyberspace is in the works for version 0.3.0.
  • monsters are generated alert, active and out to get you, so when you enter a new level, the game tends to swarm you a bit. I would like stealth to be more of a viable option in crashRun, so future versions will likely feature inactive, but more dangerous monsters.
  • the game isn't complete! The levels of the Penksy Complex which have been implemented so far amount to (I'd guess) about 40% of the game's eventual size. But you can go many levels down and battle the first mini-boss in the game.

Setup instructions

If you have Python (2.4 or higher) and PyGame 1.8 installed, you should be good to go. I've tested crashRun on both MacOS X and Windows and I hope it'll run on Linux, too.

If you need Python, you can download it from:

And PyGame is available here:

** Vista users note: when I tried the python installer on a Vista machine, the installer didn't modify the PATH to include Python (it appeared to on XP). You can set this variable by right-clicking My Computer in the Start menu, selecting Properties, Advanced, and then pressing the Environment Variables button. You'll need to append ";C:\Python25\" to the end of the PATH variable.

I intend, once crashRun is closer to a 1.0 release, to look for alternatives that wouldn't require users to have Python and PyGame preinstalled (and there are a number: Py2Exe, Py2App, or providing interfaces not built in PyGame) but for the immediate future I'm more interested in working on gameplay improvements.

Once you are setup with Python and PyGame, all you should need to do is execute

This can be done from the commandline:


And depending on how your system is configured, you may be able to simply double-click on


crashRun is released to you under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's General Public License, version 3.

For full details, please see license.txt or visit the FSF's website:

PyGame is released under the LGPL and Python is distributed under the Python License (which has been deemed compatible with the GPL by the Free Software Foundation).

Finally, I've bundled a font with crashRun, to avoid having to worry about which fonts users had installed on their systems. This is Bistream Vera Sans Mono and comes from the Gnome project (see

If you do ending working on the source code for crashRun, I'd love to hear about it!