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Friends' Projects

Monkey, Monster or Spacemen - My friend DJ's project. Each week he wrote a new piece of prose or poetry and his readers got to vote on whether it would be about a monkey, a monster or a spacemen. I got the idea for FFF from him.

Deborah Linden - Debs, another pal, wrote, performed and posted a new song every Monday through 2008. She also continues to make music for FAWM and 50/90

Universe by the Motion - My friend Ruth's site. She has a number of creative projects. Art, comics, photography and she makes jewelry too. She also made my totally awesome FFF logos!

Ryan Harron - Another very talented writer friend.

Other Places

I tend to be always seeking the perfect editor and can never quite find one that's just right. I've written FFF stories in TextMate, WriteRoom, Vim and Emacs but none of them is exactly what I want. *sigh*

National Novel Writing Month - Write a novel every November!! You'd be amazed what a hard deadline will do for your motivation.

Flash Fridays - A gaggle of us who try to cook up a piece of flash fiction every Friday. There are usually 50-60 stories posted each week and lots of gems. You can also look for the #fridayflash tag on Twitter.

TextMate - My favourite OS X-specific text editor. I use it for most things FFF-related: editing the html, the cgi cripts and the stories themselves.

Scrivener - a really nifty writing program for OS X (but it's really meant for larger projects with multiple files). I use it for NaNoWriMo and any theoretical larger writing projects...

WriteRoom - A simple, pared-down editor whose main feature is fullscreen mode. It's quite refreshing to write using WriteRoom, but a lot of the other writing programs (including Scrivener) now offer fullscreen mode.

Python - the programming language I used to write the code that drives FFF.

(Scrivener, TextMate and WriteRoom are all commercial/shareware products)
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