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Terminal One
Friday, 05 Feb 2010 13:47

I had planned on doing another time travel story this week, but yesterday I had been editing a snippet from an old nanowrimo story for use in an exercise, and I decided to post it instead. I like this piece and it's somewhat different from my usual fair. So *next week* you get a time travel story. And the weekend after that, I think I'll revisit my mad scientist from several weeks back.

I write about airports a lot, I think. I really enjoy travelling and flying so I suppose it wanders into my brain a lot.

The Family Business
Sunday, 31 Jan 2010 17:25

Apparently this is my sixty-fourth story posted here! Had I realized it before now, I would have written something involving a Commodore 64.

Oh well :P

Uhh, this one is more of a sketch. I was mucking about with some characters I thought would be fun to write about.

Friday Flash iPhone Tracker
Monday, 25 Jan 2010 21:39

So I'm often a bit of a slacker when it comes to reading everyone's #fridayflash stories. On a good week I probably get through about half of the posted stories. It occurred to me on Friday that I own a device that's basically connected to the Internet ALL THE TIME. Of course, it's easy to lose track of everything getting posted on twitter. So, I decided what I needed was an iPhone app that would pluck #fridayflash stories out of twitter's stream and keep track of them on my phone.

Now, the iPhone isn't super-great for reading blog posts, but it *is* great for those moments when I have a bit of time to kill. Click to read details of what I have so far.

Friday, 22 Jan 2010 08:31

I had thought of this as the premise for a nanowrimo novel a couple of years ago, but I think that ended up being the year I attempted a "serious story".

I hope this doesn't come across as too cynical. I was shooting for ridiculous rather than cynical.

You Can't Trust Adults
Friday, 15 Jan 2010 19:37

Hmm...this one feels a little weak. On the other hand, it's semi-autobiographical, unlike last week's time travel tale.

Chronology of Murder
Thursday, 07 Jan 2010 22:01

I have a confession to make. I don't like time travel stories. Something about them leaves me entirely unable, or unwilling, to suspend disbelief. As a result, I've had a few people dare me to write a time travel story and, well, here we are.

Interestingly, because I don't like time travel stories, this week I really have no idea if this story is any good or not. Although I think it wins hands down for the weirdest #fridayflash I've yet posted...

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